• About Institute of Information Management (IIM)

  • The Institute of Information Management (IIM) is a professional membership driven Institute, developed to serve the growing community of Data, Information, Records, Document and Archives Management professionals who are tasked with managing the dynamic information life cycle within the enterprise. It is the goal of the institute to provide our members with objective insights and guidance on their career path and technology options.  



  • Vision 
    The vision of IIM-Africa is to be recognized and respected as the premier information management institution in Africa,with influence on Information Management trends and educational requirements, driving the development of competent professionals’ for the ultimate recognition of information management as a professional field in various organizations globally.

    Our mission is to ensure that information management professionals are abreast of current and future challenges associated with managing Information assets in an era of social, mobile, cloud, big data and to develop and maintain a premier information management institution which consistently achieves high standards, certification, competence, and research in delivering value to its membership globally.

    The Objects for which the Institute is established are: 

    • To established and promote sound information management, research in information preservation, dissemination and security of information in any organisation and thereby enhance discipline, development and information management. 


    • To promote and publish study materials /manuals, educational journals and other literary works to support Individuals and Professionals preparing for examinations and development in order to acquire knowledge, skills and technical information that is related to information management and technology. 
    • To organize seminars and workshops with a view  to keeping beneficiaries abreast of information and development strategies in relation to information management, security of information, adequate and effective information dissemination. 


    • To engage in training, re-training, certification of personnel and continuous learning in records, information, data, archives, security and document management for development, and thereby award certificate of proficiency. 
    • To organize symposia and conference for human resources and man-power development in information management for public and private sector


    • To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.