Certification Registration

IIM Certification Registration Procedure

  • Candidates who wish to write the examination should first register completing the form and submission online or at the IIM office or branch. After payment is effected, a pin voucher is generated. The voucher contains a pin code that would give a candidate access to complete the registration form online. Completed registration form must be accompanied with copies of credentials certified / transcripts and submitted to the student affairs office of IIM.

IIM Certification Professional Examination Registration Procedure

    1. Read certification information online at: Certifcation
    2. Pay registration fee into the institute account (see amount and bank details below)
    3. Fill and submit certification registration form online with payment details. Click here to fill the registration form 
    4. Email your credentials and passport photograph to: certification@iim-africa.org to confirm registration
    5. On the confirmation of eligibility, the institute will email candidate with appropriate information concerning examination and pre-certification fees.
    6. The Institute will send you a link to the certification examination via email or physical address for examination centre. 
    7. Attend the pre-certification examination training as scheduled
    8. Write the examination